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Tinder is Amazing!

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps for a reason, it’s fun, simple, and it works. There are reasons why most guys fail and don’t get many matches. You reading this means you want to go beyond most guys, let’s get to the advice.

Profile Picture
Tinder is all about pictures, and this is where you make your initial stand. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt in order to have ladies interested in you.

Firstly, your main picture should be a headshot of you and you should be smiling (must be smiling). Not a staged headshot of you with a white background, a picture of you at an event will work. So long as you are clearly the center of and the reason for the picture.

The next picture should also be of you, but it can be more of an action shot. If you like to play softball, soccer, tennis, hike, swim, boat etc. Show your character and give a sense of your personality with the second shot.

The third one can be one with you and some friends, try to pick a picture where you are in the middle of your friends. Being in the middle of a group and taking up more of the photo represents masculinity and dominance, traits women pick up in photos even if on a subliminal level.

Try to look the same in all of your photos, I know this is hard. But if you have one good looking photo and in all the other’s you look like a goblin, ladies will not trust you and they may think you’re a catfish. Automatic left swipe.

Fourth picture should be of you either by yourself or with your dog. Again we want to show the ladies what you look like and that you have a masculine and nurturing side, the head shot and dog provide both.

It goes without saying all of these picture should be in focus, no blurry shots. And smile for crying out loud, the stone cold stare into the distance will get you left swipes.

Do not be wearing sunglasses in your headshot photos. Your eyes are the first thing the ladies will see and if you’re covering them they will distrust you and swipe left. Humans have evolved to look at people’s eyes in order to gauge their intentions, if you’re hiding yours that screams red flag. Take the glasses off.

Don’t have less than four pictures, this is pretty simple. If you have less than four pictures it looks like a fake account.

Don’t have pictures with another girl. Only exception is if it’s in a large group photo.

Don’t have pictures that are more the two years old. Authenticity is something that will make you stand out. Looking the same age in all of your photos will work well for you.

Don’t be looking up at the camera in your pictures, this is a submissive pose and not masculine.

Do not have a shirtless bathroom selfie picture. It doesn’t matter if you have a gym ripped body, you can show it off with your shirt on in other pictures. Shirtless bathroom selfies are narcissistic and scream as a warning sign for a lady to run. If an attractive girl wants to get laid by a guy with a six pack she can. Your photo will not suddenly convince her she needs a six pack, shirtless bathroom selfie taking tinder match in her life.

Follow these steps and you will be doing great.

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